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Our Mission

To benefit Australia by improving the health and welfare of families and communities, through achievement of positive social, cultural and economic outcomes.


To serve Australia, through its families and communities by:

making accessible health and welfare social services and impact programs that benefit lives

using technology to achieve efficiencies in program and service delivery, to make the best use of scarce resources,

influencing the development of effective policy and delivery of government social services and impact programs

Our goal is to merit the trust of Australians by acting in their best interests and on their behalf.

We do this by:

  • enabling social and cultural diversity through solution design that provides for choice
  • identifying and addressing gaps and opportunities in health and welfare
  • collaborating with community, academics, business and governments to achieve and demonstrate outcomes, including cost benefit and the provision of data for research and planning
  • promoting economic growth and social benefits by helping Australians realise the opportunities of digital technologies to improve their lives.
WeDeliver Australia expert social services and impact programs that people trust.

We do this by:

  • demonstrating the bona fides of services and programs, including their expert development, deployment, maintenance, and compliance with best practice and laws, including as they change from time to time
  • making lives easier through regulatory and administrative simplicity
  • valuing and protecting identity and empowering individuals to do likewise
  • leveraging data to evidence needs based planning, inform resource allocation and drive outcome analyses
WeEmpower individuals with voice and opportunity to contribute to service and program creation and delivery.

We do this by:

  • Interfacing directly with individuals through service and program delivery
  • watching, listening and investigating
  • acting on the individual’s behalf and in their best interests
  • designing and operating services and programs from the individual’s viewpoint, including for cost efficiency
  • using technology to reduce administrative and compliance effort
  • realising the potential of individuals and sharing responsibility with them.


We serve national interests by working with professionalism and integrity.

We value Australia and those that live and work here.

We respect our partners and suppliers.

We put outcomes before glory.

We help those that share our purpose and welcome their help.

We make effective use of resources and are modest in our administrative overheads.

We contribute to national benefit by serving Australian families and communities and empowering Australians to serve themselves.

We believe that charities, community organisations, governments, the bureaucracy and others should:

  • put individuals first and their bureaucratic processes second
  • pause and ask themselves how well they have achieved their objectives
  • avoid self-interest, be humble and open to change
  • expect individuals to be independent and contribute to their own well-being, to move away from the perceived 'Nanny State'.

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