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A key initiative of Healthy Australia is the SAFE program. This national program provides every person, in every community, a way to make a difference to the lives of Australia’s children.

SAFE gives everyone a way to stand up against violence and abuse of children. If someone sees something that doesn’t look right, or they know is wrong, but don't know who to tell, or if a child feels at risk of abuse, then they can make their observation in SAFE and have it make a difference.

Let’s not look away.

Violence breeds violence. Action breeds action.

The Facts

Around the country, governments are spending tens of billions of dollars on child protection and response systems. Despite this massive and increasing investment, the evidence is that the systems are not coping.

Overwhelming numbers of child protection reports mean that significant numbers of critical reports go unanswered and children remain at risk.

Patterns of abuse impact the behaviours of children and the adults they become. Keeping children safe from abuse and neglect help today’s children and tomorrow’s.

Together we can break the cycle of abuse and make the lives of vulnerable children worth living.

An observation or incident in isolation may not require intervention.


together, they tell a story about the child’s needs or level of risk.

Today’s Statistics

This Pareto chart and heat map are used to identify children in need of help. They show mission critical, prevalent areas for action.

The Science

Welfare Australia, CSIRO, NICTA and In Safe Hands have come together to build the world’s first institutional and family observation program for early intervention.

SAFE approaches the reporting roadblocks to protecting children with an innovative new approach to the collection and sharing of data and the targeting of community resources. It aims to provide early intervention and prevent children from escalating up the continuum to crisis.

Backed with machine learning and natural language processing, the program identifies new and triages existing children already in the welfare system. This ‘triaging’ is done based on real time information from frontline services.

Reporting is reduced by aggregating information pertaining to one child, that normally takes multiple hours for a human to analyse. Child Protection alerts are provided to authorities. Early Intervention alerts are provided to state Support Services.

SAFE will enable government to move their resources from the administrative ‘back end’ to the child protection ‘front end’ - where the real need exists.

There is no doubt in my mind this program is going to aid our response to the thousands of kids at risk everyday.

Dr. Terry Percival

Retired CSIRO scientist and Co-Inventor of Wi-Fi

Technology plays "an important role" in supporting the wider child protection system.

Sandie De Wolf,

Chief Executive Officer of Children's Welfare Organisation Berry Street and Former Senior DHS Staffer

I believe the technology is world first... if you can do this well you can save a lot of kids from a lot of trauma.

Simon Kaplan

Director of Skills and Industry Transformation at NICTA

For the first time, Federal and State Govt. will have access to nationally consistent data.

Ruby O’Rourke

CEO of HubHello Australia and former Ward of the State

Since 2005 In Safe Hands Educators In Safety have built an invaluable reputation as the most trusted provider of Child Protection services in Australia.

Their practical experience as Detectives investigating and managing child abuse cases, and our formal training and studies in education, law and psychology, provide us with a unique insight into the issue of Child Protection.

NICTA (previously known as National ICT Australia Ltd) was Australia's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence. NICTA's role is to pursue potentially economically significant ICT related research for the Australian economy. NICTA was structured around groups focused primarily on pure research and the implementation of those ideas within business teams. NICTA merged with CSIRO in July 2016.

Welfare Australia provides community led welfare programs for citizens of Australia and New Zealand as well as data flow for government and agencies.

In Association with

The Program

The program provides  .  .  .
  • Identification in real time of at-risk children, families and communities
  • A targetted early intervention response to individual and community needs
  • Identification of professionals working with children who may require specific training
  • Tracking and monitoring of individuals or families who are of concern
  • State-based Information on individuals and families can now be shared nationwide
  • A means to alert Government and authorities of critical cases.
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Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility.

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